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Here are answers to some common questions. You are of course very welcome to contact us if you have other questions than these.


In which products are you specialised? Mercari are not specialized in any particular product. Our expertise is in the process of getting the best prices in a rational way regardless of the product concerned. The company has very long experience in production, quality and sourcing. Please see the "References" for example, the products we worked with.

How can we hire you?
You give us a specification that is as complete as possible. We then go out to a large number of potential suppliers in the world and takes in the best possible price. If you think the price we find is interesting for you then you buy the products through us.


How do you ensure quality?
We have local staff in China who inspect goods on sight and we work with independent testing firms. We are also working to develop our suppliers' knowledge about both quality and other expectations of a Western customer.


What happens if you do not find better prices than what we already have?
Nothing, we do not charge anything unless we succeed in the mission we have. In this way, it is completely risk free to hire Mercari to ensure that you purchase your goods at the best possible conditions.

Does it take a long time to get answers?
It depends on the products. Is it a rush, however, we tend to have the bids within a few days. As a rule, however, it may be worthwhile to let it take a few weeks because it tends to result in better bids to have some patience.

Where in the world are your suppliers?
We work all over the world, but normally the most attractive prices come from Asia, and primarily from China.


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